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The Postnatal Care

The post delivery period is very crucial, both for the mother and her new born. Both of them needs constant care till six weeks post-delivery. This is a period when both the mother and the baby stats adjusting to a lot of new things.

What does Postnatal care involve?

You will be going through a lot of physical and emotional changes after delivery. Postnatal care involves prevention, detection and cure of any complications that may arise. It also involves a lot for counselling on baby care, breast feeding, vaginal care, immunization and birth spacing. It also involves advice of proper rest, nutrition for facilitating speedy recovery.

Important aspects of Postnatal care

Eating right

You are lactating now. So, what you eat and when you eat is very important. This will directly affect your baby’s health. Eating healthy is very important, stick to the diet that your doctor has suggested. Eat when you are hungry and not because you are tired or depressed. Here is how you should eat right.

  • Avoid junk, oily and spicy food
  • Drink a lot of water and permissible fluid
  • Add a lot of fruits, vegetables to your meal. Have a well-balanced diet and low-fat diet

Enough Rest

Rest is a very crucial part of your postnatal care. This will help you recuperate faster. Avoid getting into too many activities and take as much rest as possible. Here are few tips that you may follow

  • Sleep when your baby sleeps
  • Setup you bed next to the crib so that night feeds become easy.
  • Never hesitate to ask for help with handling or feeding your baby. Do not stress yourself beyond a limit.

Postnatal Vaginal Care

New mothers often face vaginal soreness, pain or burning sensation during urination. You may also feel mild contractions even after few days after delivery. Generally, these symptoms subdue automatically after few days. However, visit your doctor after about a month after delivery to discuss about your problems. Avoid having sexual intercourse for at least six to eight weeks so that your vagina can heal.

 Postnatal Recovery Items

There are few items that you need to have handy post-delivery. Let’s see what are these and how they help

Donut Pillow– You may face a lot of discomfort while sitting after a vaginal birth. A donut pillow is highly recommended in this situation. Vaginal tears and haemorrhoids are very painful to sit on. Having a donut pillow not only allows you a comfortable sitting position but it also provides back support.

Peri Bottle– A peri bottle is a squirt bottle for cleaning your private parts post-delivery. You can use it even if you have had a C-section birth. If you are experiencing burning sensation while urinating, peri bottle is the answer. Fill it with luke warm water and squirt the water while urination. This if help you get relief from the burning sensation.

Breast Pumps-A breast pumps helps to increase and maintain the milk production. Provides relief from the engorged breast and heals flat nipples for your baby to suckle properly. You can use this within two hours of giving birth. You can use the breast pump every 2-3 hours.

Apart from these, regular check-ups and abiding to the doctor’s suggestions are very important. Visit OvenYr.com for more information on Postnatal care. Book a tele appointment to speak to the doctor directly.

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