Medication During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Then knowing about your medications is essential. During pregnancy, certain medications can affect the fetus and cause harm. Pregnancy is a special physiological condition where you cannot fully avoid the medication. During pregnancy, you may develop some new medical problems. Your old medical problems can also intensify.

Safe Medication during Pregnancy

Some antibiotics are safe for you during pregnancy:

1.     Penicillin

2.     Amoxicillin.

3.     Cephalosporins

4.     Clindamycin

5.     Cefaclor

6.     Cephalexin

7.     Ampicillin

8.     Cleocin

9.     Clinda-derm, etc.

However, always consult with your doctor before consuming any antibiotics. There can be some antibiotics which are harmful during pregnancy. For example:

1.     Tetracyclines: may affect developing baby’s teeth

2.     Sulphonamides: May pose a risk to heart conditions, palate, and jaundice

 Necessary Medications During Pregnancy

You might have some pre-existing medical conditions like:

1.     High blood pressure

2.     Diabetes

3.     Asthma

4.     Epilepsy

5.     Other mental issues

Medications for the above-mentioned conditions are essential. Some medications can pose a threat to the pregnancy. But if you stop them, it can be harmful for both you and the baby. For example:

1.     If a pregnant mother with asthma stops taking her medication, the unborn baby’s growth may be hampered.

2.     If a pregnant mother with epilepsy stops her medications, she may experience more seizures and complications during her pregnancy

3.     Not managing maternal diabetes will also pose a risk to the unborn baby’s health.

So, it is advisable not stop or change the dosage of medication until you consult your doctor. Your doctor may change the doses or event the medicine which may be suitable for consumption during pregnancy.

FDA Categories of drugs

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has developed a system to determine, a drug’s teratogenic potential. The FDA has divided the drugs into 5 categories to use during pregnancy:

A: This is the safest category. Studies show that there is no increased risk of fetal abnormalities.

B: Animal studies have found no evidence of harm or negative effect on the fetal.

C: According to animal studies, there is a negative effect on pregnant mothers. OR, there have been no animal studies.

D: Adequate well-controlled or observational studies in pregnant mothers have shown a risk to the fetus. However, the advantages of therapy may outweigh the risks.

X: This is the only category to indicate that a drug should not be used. During pregnancy or if you want to become pregnant. High risk of foetal abnormalities.

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