Due Date

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Due Date is the estimated date of your delivery (EDD). It is the approximate date when you may give birth to your baby. This is an estimated date; you may go into labor 2 weeks before of after your estimated delivery date.


How to calculate your Due Date?

Your date of delivery is approximately 280 days from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. This is true if you have regular periods. However, only 5% babies are born on the expected due date. If you are tracking your ovulation symptoms, then you can use your conception date to calculate your due date. Just add 266 days to your conception date to get the approx. delivery date.


How to calculate your Due Date if you forget your period dates?

If you forgot the first day of your recent menstrual cycle, you can still know your approximate delivery date. If you have irregular period, it is difficult to calculate your due date. You can visit your doctor and he can advice you to go for an Ultrasound scan. This can help you to know your expected delivery date.


Is it possible to plan my Due Date?

If you want to plan your delivery date, you must plan your conception. Plan ahead and track your ovulation. You can calculate which is the perfect time for you to have your baby. Planning your pregnancy and conceiving will give you an idea about your expected delivery date.


Can the Estimated Date change?

Yes, you can change it. There are numerous reasons behind this. If you have irregular period and your Ultrasound dating was not clear. You may have your first Ultrasound in your second trimester. If your fundal height is abnormal. This means, the baby is small than it should be. Your alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) may not be within the normal range. In these scenarios your delivery date may postpone. Discuss with your doctor to have a better idea.

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