First Trimester

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What is First Trimester?

Frist Trimester is the period between conception and the next 12 weeks. The entire pregnancy is divided into threes trimesters. The first trimester is the most crucial time of pregnancy. After you conceived, you may be worried about a lot of things. What to eat, when to see the doctor, how much weight you will gain, what are the things you must avoid, these questions bother you. Let’s understand the what changes your body will undergo in the early stage of your pregnancy.


Changes in the body during the first trimester

When you find out about your pregnancy, you are already into the first trimester. The first sign that you come across is the missed period. However, you may have some spotting. The best way to confirm pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test. You may feel a lot of other symptoms as well.


    • Tender/ swollen breasts- as you conceive, hormone changes occur in your body. This makes your breasts sore. You might feel a discomfort. However, as you your body starts adjusting with the hormonal changes this discomfort will subdue.
    • Nausea – Morning sickness, as it is called, is caused by the increase level of hormones in your body. Though it is called morning sickness, it may happen during any time of the day. It may lead you to vomit or just leave you feel nauseous.
    • Frequent Urination- during your pregnancy the amount of blood in your body increases. This causes the kidneys to process extra fluid that ends up in your bladder.
    • Tiredness or fatigue- The increased level of progesterone makes you feel fatigued. You may feel sleepy and tired all the time.
    • Heartburn- The pregnancy hormones relax the valve between your stomach and esophagus. This may cause the leakage of your stomach acids to your esophagus causing heartburn.
    • Constipation- The increased progesterone levels slows down the digestion process causing constipation. Moreover, iron supplements that you are taking can add up to it.
    • Food aversion or craving- the hormonal changes during your pregnancy can make you crave for certain food. You can also development sensitivity to certain food odors as well.


Tips to handle morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms during the first trimester

The intensity of morning sickness varies. Some women may feel very nauseous while others may have mild symptoms. To handle nausea, it is important to have small portions of meal at regular interval. Empty stomach may lead to nausea.

Try and avoid fried and spicy food to keep a control on heartburn. Add lot of fibre into your diet which will help you with proper bowel movement. Brisk walking and light exercise will help you to feel energetic.


Emotional changes during the first trimester

You might feel mixed emotions during the first trimester. Mood swings are common. You might be happy for the baby simultaneously; you might be worried about the increased responsibilities. If you are working, balancing profession and motherhood may add to your stress. Do not think much, look up for love and care from your family. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. However, if you feel you have too much stress or high mood swings, consult your doctor.


Do’s and Don’t during the first trimester

The first trimester is the most important phase of your pregnancy. You must be extra cautious as most miscarriages happen in this phase. Here are some do’s and don’t that you must keep in mind.


Things to do


    • Take prenatal vitamins advised by your doctor
    • Take enough calories
    • Add fruits and vegetables in your diet
    • Drink enough water
    • Do some light exercise
    • Prepare your pelvic floor with Kegel.
    • Clear your doubts with your doctor and don’t miss your appointments.


Things to avoid


    • High intensity workouts
    • Spicy and oily food
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Too much caffeine
    • Sea food, raw sprouts, deli meat, hot dogs and food with high level of mercury
    • Unpasteurized milk or milk products
    • Stay away from pet litters, chemicals and pesticides

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