Get Pregnant

Get Pregnant

To get pregnant might not feel hard for some but the odds are indeed stacked up against you. Being aware of certain things before pregnancy would make a big difference. At OvenYr, we are here to help you with your pregnancy journey planning.


Things you must know while you get pregnant

Most ladies face a lot of problem while they try to conceive. Knowing pregnancy basics is important. Conception takes time if you fail to have intercourse at the right time. You might have problems with intercourse or fertility issues. We at OvenYr help you understand your pregnancy basics. You will understand your ovulation cycle, the lifestyle changes and when to see a doctor.


Preparations before you get pregnant


Understanding ovulation

The first step to get pregnant is understanding your ovulation. Ovulation generally happens 14 days before your next cycle. This is mostly true if you have a 28 days cycle. There are many ways to track your ovulation. Some of them are


    1. Use an ovulation calculator
    2. Measure your basal body temperature
    3. Notice if you are having clear, wet and stretchy vaginal secretion

It is important to have regular intercourse 4-5 days prior to ovulation. Also, on the day of ovulation. This increases the chance of getting pregnant.


Lifestyle changes to get pregnant

You must follow a healthy lifestyle if you want to get pregnant. Here are some important ways to have a healthy lifestyle


    1. Quit habits like smoking, drinking or taking recreational drugs
    2. Avoid stress and take care of your mental health
    3. Do not over-exercise.
    4. Have and maintain a proper weight
    5. Stay away from toxic chemicals
    6. Take doses of folic acids with your doctor’s advice
    7. Have a balanced diet
    8. Talk to your doctor about boosting your fertility
    9. Avoid unnecessary medications


When to consult a doctor while trying to get pregnant?

If you are confused when to visit a doctor, here is your answer.


    • If you are trying to conceive for over a year without any result
    • If you are over 35 years and trying for 6 months or more without any result.
    • If you or your partner have any fertility issue.

Infertility is curable. It may happen to both men and women. Your gynaecologist or your partner’s urologist can help you. Based on the reason of your problem, they can give you the right remedy.


Coping with physical, mental and pathological issues while getting pregnant

It might affect your pregnancy if you are stressed, anxious, sad or depressed. Mental health is very important while getting pregnant. You may also need to see your doctor if you have physical issues like PCOS, obesity or if you are underweight.

At OvenYr, we aim to help you with your preparation for getting pregnant. Follow the resources available on our website for the information you need. You can also book a Tele appointment with the doctor. We can help you have a healthy pregnancy.