How the journey began


I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. So, women’s health and their pregnancy journey appeals to me a lot. I enjoy my role in helping to bring a new life into this world. Taking care of new-borns and their moms is so satisfying.

OvenYr-My Brain Child

In 2020 my life took a new turn. I was expecting my second child. Hence, I had to take a break from work. This was necessary because of the increasing risk of exposure to Corona Virus. I was 5 months pregnant. I spent some quality time with my family and was preparing to welcome my new born. However, I missed going to work. So, I decided to utilize my break to so something useful for expecting women.

My motive behind OvenYr or Oven Year

I noticed something while I was progressing through my pregnancy. There were lots of resources about babies but very few about pregnant women and new mothers. It takes almost a year of physical and emotional commitment from a woman.

  • The 6 weeks of getting pregnant,
  • 40 weeks of pregnancy
  • and 6 weeks after delivery (Postpartum).
  • It is almost a journey of 52 weeks.

There is a beautiful transformation in the life and body of a woman. So, I decided to start this venture to make the journey of a woman to her motherhood a little better. My family supported and encouraged me.

Why we call it OvenYr?

This is because we are focusing on a year when a woman provides her Oven’s warmth to create a life. We would love to contribute in making her journey and birth better. We want her to love and enjoy her OvenYr.

What does OvenYr offer?

At OvenYr you have plenty of resources on pregnancy, conception, postpartum issues and care. We have resources on maternity shopping, Do’s and Don’ts, and Know How’s. You can book a Tele consultation too. OvenYr is your complete pregnancy and postpartum guide.

Enjoy your Over Year with OvenYr


With lots of Love,

Dr. Lavanya Janagama – MBBS, MS (OBGYN)


Telehealth in Maternity Care

Learn more about your Pregnancy no matter how far or remote you are by contacting an expert Obstetrician to gain expert advice and a strong dose of reassurance though a scheduled video-call over the internet.

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