Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

OvenYr Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy

Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy are important for a successful OvenYr Journey. Your life is going to change forever in the next few months. You must know about the dos and don’ts during pregnancy.

Be extremely careful of whatever you consume or use. Your diet will directly affect the baby. There are some important Lifestyle changes that you have to undergo, Let’s have a look at all the Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts:

Food and drinks for lifestyle changes during pregnancy

It is really important to keep a balanced diet. Remember your baby’s nutrition depends on it too. You must ensure that you keep all the essential nutrients in your diet. However, you need to avoid some foods and drinks.

Alcohol (Highly prohibited)

Consuming alcohol is harmful to your health, especially during your pregnancy. Alcohol can directly impact your due date leading to premature delivery. The baby might even be born with a low weight. Also, your child may even develop learning disabilities.

Sea Food (Highly prohibited)

Sea fish and prawns are high in mercury. Your child’s hearing and vision may get damaged. However, you may try Salmons and Tuna sometime. Speak to your doctor before trying out sea-foods.

Be cautious about medication

You baby may be affected on consumption of pain relivers, anti-depressants, acne medications and OTC drugs. Consult your doctor before you take any medicine other than what all are prescribed.

Apart from these, excessive intakes of caffeine, under cooked meat or sprouts etc must be avoided.

Beauty treatments during pregnancy

You want to look beautiful always. Even during pregnancy, it is fine to look good. However, there are some beauty treatments that are not recommended during pregnancy. This is simply because the ingredients used in these treatments. They can adversely affect your baby’s health. The baby can be at the risk of being born with birth defects.

  • Botox injections and chemical peels
  • Tattoos and other body piercing
  • Beauty treatments that involve high heat
  • Treatments using products like Retinol, Formaldehyde and Hydroquinone

Intense physical activities that must be avoided

Its good to be active. Even the doctors recommend to be active during your pregnancy. But avoid activities that have injury risk. Here are some activities to stay away from during your pregnancy.

  • Intense activities like horse riding, snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing, weight lifting etc.
  • Games like football, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis must be avoided
  • High intensity or power yoga

You can go for low intensity activities like swimming, brisk walking and pre-natal yoga. Ask your doctor for more details.

Lifestyle changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a huge lifestyle shift. However, these aren’t permanent. But you must be aware of these while you are expecting.

  • Avoiding addictions like smoking and recreational drugs is a must. Drugs and smoking may lead to foetal damage and miscarriage.
  • Avoid intense recreational activities like roller coaster rides. The high speed, jerky movement and pressure changes may affect the baby.
  • Beware of the environmental exposure. Do not go for unnecessary X-ray, get exposed to pesticides, lead or mercury products. Be ware if you are handling pet litters. Always wear gloves to ensure they are not in direct contact with your skin.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible.

For more information on Lifestyle changes during pregnancy, book a Tele Appointment with the doctor today.

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