How can Tele Appointment help in Pregnancy?


How can Tele Appointment help in Pregnancy?

Pregnant and don’t want to go out. But visiting the doctor is important. A common problem you face during pregnancy. Here comes the need to book a tele appointment. It is the easiest way to speak to your doctor through your phone or laptop.

The hardest part in pregnancy is travelling. Most women find it tough to go out during their pregnancy. There are many reasons behind this. Sometimes, they are not comfortable as their weight increases. They have back pain which makes sitting for a long time very tough. They become conscious about their body and don’t want to step out. Their clothes and shoes do not fit; feet swell up making walking difficult. But the routine check-ups are crucial. In this situation Telehealth is a boon.  The expecting mothers can book a tele appointment with their doctor. Are you facing similar problems? You can book a tele consultation at OvenYr.

How are Tele Appointment helpful in Oven Year?

The pregnancy is very crucial for every woman. Fatigue, complications and high-risk pregnancy makes movement difficult. Tele consultations are life savers in such situations. It has big benefits

  • You can choose your doctor no matter wherever he is located
  • No travelling expenses
  • Rural woman can access urban medical facilities
  • No time constraint, no long queues and no waiting time
  • Speak to the doctor from your home

What to expect from Tele Appointment in pregnancy?

Tele consultation offers proper and timely guidance. During your pregnancy, constant monitoring in important. Mothers can consult the doctor by booking a tele appointment. She can avoid visiting the doctor physically. Tele consultation is helpful in

  • Blood glucose testing
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Foetal movement monitoring
  • High risk pregnancy

When to see a doctor physically?

Tele consultancy is helpful in pregnancy. But sometimes you need to see a doctor personally. You must visit the doctor personally if

  • You notice a decrease in the fetal movement
  • You have some known fetal complexities
  • You have pre-eclampsia symptom
  • You go into early labor.

OvenYr is here to make your pregnancy easier and comfortable. Get in touch to know more about booking your tele appointment today!!

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