OvenYr Family Support During Pregnancy

Family Support During Pregnancy

Congratulations on getting pregnant! Soon you and your partner will become parents. This phase is both beautiful and challenging. Family support is crucial for the expecting mother.

Why is family support important during pregnancy?

Studies show that family support during pregnancy have positive effects on the health of the mother and the baby. Women who do not receive proper family support are often depressed. They also have anxiety issues. This can adversely affect the health of the baby.

How to support the expecting mother in the Oven Year?

Family support is vital for your pregnant partner. Being a supportive partner is to give her your patience, time, and love. Your partner will have mood swings. Be a good listener and be completely involved in every small and big decision.

Here are some tips on becoming a great support to your partner:

Knowledge is the key when you want to support your partner in pregnancy

Educate yourself about the physical and mental changes of the expectant mother. Get resources on pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. You can join childbirth classes or talk to her doctor. You can seek help from new parents among your friend circle. Speak to Family Support groups or Events in your area.

Being involved is the best way to support your partner in pregnancy

The best way to support is to be present for her whenever she needs you. Whether it is a doctor’s appointment or a birthing class. This way you will make her feel that she is not alone in this.

Communicating the right way

The best way to support your partner is to give her all your attention. You should be open with her and make her feel that she can share anything with you. This can help prevent depression! Don’t hesitate to ask her about what can you do to make her feel better.

Family support during pregnancy – Trimester by trimester

First Trimester

She undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. She might feel nauseous and might have unusual cravings. Try not to eat or drink around her if she is not comfortable. Be ready to help her to the wash basin. Have non-judgemental ears towards her anxious talks. Show lots of extra love.

Second Trimester

Be ready to tour the grocery shops quiet often. Her cravings might increase during the second trimester. Make sure you help her develop healthy eating habits. Cook healthy meals, go on walks and refrain from smoking or drinking near her. Be on the same page with her in planning everything. Right from the baby shower to doctor visits, you must be with her.

Third Trimester

This the time when she is down with the baby’s weight. She might have back pain, nerve pain or non-labour inducing contractions. Do more household chores. Allow her more rest. Learn some massages which may relieve her of her body aches.

Sexual intimacy during pregnancy

Some women may have lower sex drive during pregnancy. Don’t take it personally or feel upset. Do not force her into anything. Talk to her about her wants and needs. Understand that things will resolve after the baby arrives.

Family support is crucial during pregnancy. But self-care if important for you while you support her. Supporting your pregnant partner can be both physically and emotionally taxing. Develop healthy habits to ensure you are at your best self. To know more about family support needs, visit OvenYr.com. You can speak to the doctor by booking a Tele Appointment.

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