Can you still get pregnant while being on birth control?

Can you still get pregnant while being on birth control?

Pregnancy can be controlled. Numerous methods are available these days to control unwanted pregnancy. Birth pills do have a high success rate. But sometimes they can fail. This may lead to pregnancy.

Effectiveness of birth control pills

Most birth pills are 99% effective. This is effective when you take the pill properly. Which means every day, at the same time, without missing. When you miss doses, it increases the chances of pregnancy by 9%.

Factors increasing the failure rate

Various medical issues or activities might make your birth control less effective in preventing pregnancy. Some of these factors are:

  1. Not taking your pills everyday at the same time: birth control pills, maintain a constant hormone level. Skipping or missing your pills, can drop your hormones level. It may also change your ovulation cycle. It can cause you to ovulate untimely. Thus, increasing the chances of pregnancy.
  2. High alcohol consumption: you can tend to forget taking your pills, after having alcohol. If you vomit, soon after taking the pill, it might not work. Your is not able to absorb the hormones from the pill if you vomit. Your hormone levels may also drop.
  3. Taking other medications or supplements:  having medication or any health supplements with your birth control pills can hamper the effectiveness.

Types of birth pill

There are various types of birth control pills. Combined pills and mini pills are two types of pills. It is important for you take your pills, exactly as prescribed, every day at the same time. Even on days, you do not have intercourse.

Combined pills

This pill, contains two hormones:

  1. Estrogen
  2. Progestin

A combined pill pack typically contains 21 to 24 days of hormones and 4 to 7 days of reminder tablets. You should have your period while taking the reminder pills. You can take one pack of combination tablets per month, or you can take the hormone pills continually to postpone or stop your periods.

Mini pill

It contains only one Progestin. It is important to take all 28pills. Everyday at the same time. If you miss a pill by merely three hours, you must use a backup form of birth control, such as a condom.

How does alcohol affect the impact of the birth control pill?

Having alcohol may hamper the effectiveness of the pill. A study of binge drinking in young women discovered that it substantially increased the chances of contraception not functioning properly. Oral contraception can also have an impact on how your body absorbs alcohol.

How to keep track of your birth control pills?

Its good to keep a track with your birth control. You can keep it through the following:

  1. Reminder Apps: you can find various reminder apps online. They can track your periods as well as your pill inventory.
  2. Take pill early in the day: Taking your pills early in the morning is better than taking them in the evening.
  3. Carry backup protection: use protection such as condom and spermicide. It also protects you against STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

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